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Together we work in one on one and group sessions that create a sacred space for you to strengthen your life through inner and individually driven spirituality that in turn empowers our communities, families, personal healing, dreams, choices, and world.

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About April

April A. Reeves is a teacher and licensed Spiritual Practitioner devoted to the care, advocacy, and therapeutic needs of families, children, teens and individuals.

April received her degree in Child and Adolescent Development from California State University Fullerton and is a champion for the rights of children, the holistic support of families, and the practical use of inner and individually driven spirituality to support all ages and all families.

Winner of the Althea B. McLaren award in Arts in Early Childhood and the Robert B. McLaren award in Children’s Moral Development, April believes children, parents and individuals are capable and competent in designing their lives, and how they want to live them.

April has a 14 year old son and a 6 month old daughter, she is married to her long time partner and lives in Denver, CO.

“We all need support though. The moment we step into a session with the right practitioner we can feel our roots go that much deeper, and areas of our lives open that much wider. This isn’t just true for adults, it’s true for children and teens as well.” -April Reeves

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Some of the greatest treasures of my work

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To schedule an appointment, or any other questions you might have about setting up a session- connect with me below: