Inner Space

A child and adolescent curriculum writer devoted to the exploration of inner, and individually driven spirituality that strengthens world wide inclusivity. My curriculum comes from Life's inner story. This is a record of my Life's inner space.


September 2018


Children have 100 languages- and so does light.

Perhaps everything has it’s very own 100 languages to describe what it is, what is sees, what it feels, and what it knows.

Walking by her room at night.

Tonight I was walking by Nancy’s room and it pulled me in with a deep, peaceful force. At first I just stood in the doorway, looking, and then I sat down and It was like I could feel her. I sat there, still as maybe I have ever been before, forever. It was like in some sense, I gave birth to something about her, or I held something about her, something I didn’t know before. Something still, and permanent and huge. It was something more than beautiful.

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