I’m getting this question a lot. Gender reveal party? Will you find out the gender? Can we do a party? Do you want to know the sex? While generally speaking I have a very clear position on this, I am also quite understanding that others may not share that view. Well given the joy and wonder of hormones……. my position, my feelings and my emotion on “gender reveal” parties are amplified- immensely. 14 years ago this idea was first presented to me while carrying my son, and when I heard about it, and a friend offered to do it, I remember my exact words- Jesus! No!

No I will not have a gender reveal party.

The thought of a pink and blue cake makes me throw up in my mouth (hormones are speaking up) and makes my entire body quiver with anticipation for change, humanity and humility. As for finding out…. We aren’t sure. Initially I was very much wanting to wait, but now….. as the days move with an unbearable slowness toward October… I am eager (almost manic) to find out anything I can about this little life I’m spending every moment with. So…. as I enter the second trimester… all I have to say is.. we shall see!

Am I anti lace? Am I pro neutral? Against pink and blue?


I am for a world where color is color, lace is lace, trucks are trucks, sports are sports, eye shadow is eye shadow, heels are heels and

you are you.

What is it?

It’s a person.