Today at about 10am I received a text from my son that simply read: “it’s a horrible day.” 

It’s easy as people and parents to forget that some days are simply crappy. Some moods are uforseable and sometimes we get a little lost. I forget this sometimes with strangers at the grocery store, or with people on the road and often with myself. I even forget with my son and my husband. My husband is a minister though, so he should be able to handle his own s**t existentially. I’m just kidding, we all have simply crappy days!  

 Time to explore the idea that a question might have far more meaning and impact than an answer. 

What might have happened in their life today? 

What might have happened in their mind today? 

The answer today wasn’t Flamin hot funyuns and tea, those  just happened while I was asking more questions. 

How can I let this person know I care? 

I don’t always have an answer, but I can always find a question.