Anatomy of a Broken Wire: Emotional Electrocution and the Spirituality there of.  

Stabs the tips of your fingers with light and fire. It moves down through your joints until you jolt incandescently. It hurts. Your mind strums a blank chord, but you dance away from the spark sparingly. 

To be electrocuted. 

Broken wires curdle and diffuse energy in ways that make the steady, silent, powerful stream of energy elsewhere seem acutely unreal. 

My fingers are lightly, but painfully burned. Electrocuted. My veins fizz and play with the energy like a nervous child. I’m shocked. So easy it is to maintain my focus on this unraveled wire. It demands my attention and while unfixable on its own, my fingers are pleading. 

This kind of thing is quite common. 

Ruptures happen in my life, and perhaps in yours too. They demand attention, or tending.. or both. They cause pain in their broken aperture. 

But let’s focus on a total. 

Gaze for a moment at those other wires, wound tightly. Energy flowing with a fierce stream of balance, frequency and viscosity. Silently adding to the beauty and illumination of your home. Warming your food, cooling your drinks, playing your music. Dancing from light fixture to wall. Kindling the inner and outer apothecaries that will soon tend to such harm. 

In totality it’s simply one broken wire, whatever it may be. 

4 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Broken Wire: Emotional Electrocution and the Spirituality there of.  

  1. You and Josh are so much alike, which I am just beginning to realize. He finds lessons in the music of the Beatles and the movie, The Wizard of Oz, and you find lessons in being bit by electricity — astounding.

    Very interesting and deep insight.

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