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Together we work in one on one and group sessions that create a sacred space for you to strengthen your life; but only through inner and individually driven spirituality. Our work together empowers community, family, personal healing, dreams, and choices. It is the work that widens the heart, deepens the soul, and grounds the mind.

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About April

April A. Reeves is a teacher and licensed Spiritual Practitioner devoted to the care, advocacy, and therapeutic needs of families, children, teens and individuals.

April received her degree in Child and Adolescent Development from California State University Fullerton and is completing her Masters in Early Childhood Leadership and Organizational Change. She is a champion for the rights of children, the holistic support of families, and the practical use of inner and individually driven spirituality to support all ages and all families.

As an advocate for ethics in early childhood and adolescent spirituality, April is devoted to the autonomy of spiritual practices and the therapeutic benefits of aligning with your own spiritual needs. Her course work in practitioner studies has given her knowledge in an array of traditional spiritual practices. Her desire to deeply listen to clients has offered a source of powerful creativity in discovering new spiritual practices that meet the inner calling of every unique person.

Winner of the Althea B. McLaren award in Arts in Early Childhood and the Robert B. McLaren award in Children’s Moral Development, April believes children, parents and individuals are capable and competent in designing and leading their own lives.

“Having a personal or family practitioner is about having a sacred someone, and a sacred space where you share, discover, heal, understand, and sincerely create the life you are called to live. As the practitioner I listen deeply, I offer spiritual tools for different needs, and know- without a doubt – you are whole.” -April Reeves

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I treasure the sacred bonds formed by making sure children know they are in charge of their own spirituality.

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To schedule an appointment, or any other questions you might have about setting up a session- connect with me below: